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The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight: stories


"It Comes Around"

Three adolescents bully a classmate to death and find that their crime later haunts them in terrifying ways


A bondage fetishist and a dominatrix befriend one another until the former’s obsession turns deadly

"The Last of the Janet Leighs"

A woman grows tired of her widowed father’s revolving door of vapid blond companions

"Annabel, Me"

In a contemporary narrative rendition of Poe’s famous poem, a man’s fixation on his co-worker goes horribly wrong

"Open House"

Each Halloween, a childless couple plays a sadistic game with a lonely boy or girl

“This story is really original, darkly funny and an absolute corker. It also has a great ending which will have you cringing.  This collection is worth renting on Kindle Unlimited for this story alone.” – Tony Jones, Horror Talk


A xenophobic woman kills two illegal immigrants with her car with seeming impunity

"The Munchies"

A man convinces his reluctant wife to have children, but her pregnancy symptoms prove to be grizzly

"Stiff as a Board"

A concierge at a posh Boston high-rise tries to cover up the death of one of her tenants whose demise may be linked to her spouse

"Just a Taste"

Based on the real-life crimes of Belle Gunness, a small-town girl’s plans to cash in on an insurance policy snowball into an out-of-control murder spree


A father’s abuse of his daughter grows more and more vicious until she forms a plan of escape

"SWM Seeks Release"

A man fixates on a DTF website, looking for his perfect partner

"Déjà vu"

A bored man’s agreement to participate in a game of Russian Roulette has strange consequences.

"A Clean Getaway"

A recently divorced woman agrees to meet the law enforcement official she’s been chatting with on a dating site and has a one-night stand

"All Bets Are Off"

Two lifelong friends recognize a man who brutally attacked one of them and decide to enact their revenge


A former stage actor turned public school teacher tests the rules governing marital fidelity and adult/child relationships

"A Shot of Knowledge"

A substitute teacher finds that her curiosity gets the best of her when she investigates a veteran teacher’s classroom management secret

"The One That Got Away"

A femme fatale explains her modus operandi for luring married or otherwise attached men

Praise for The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight

Kane Hodder,

Kane Hodder,

Kane Hodder,

Horror Movie Legend

"Rebecca Rowland's writing is a fresh and unique breath in the horror genre. I enjoyed reading such twisted stuff that is still grounded in reality."

Tom Savini,

Kane Hodder,

Kane Hodder,

Special Effects Legend

"Sometimes the best special effects are the ones done in the reader's mind; for her magically detailed description, Rebecca Rowland deserves an honorary FX award."

Steve Gonsalves,

Steve Gonsalves,

Steve Gonsalves,

Ghost Hunters

"Rebecca Rowland paints a very vivid picture with her writing, keeping me in the moment; as a horror reader, that's exactly what I want. I am glad these thoughts are in her head and not mine, which I consider a compliment of the highest regard!"


Steve Gonsalves,

Steve Gonsalves,

"[Rebecca Rowland] should be applauded for producing such a solid and wide-ranging collection which bravely avoids supernatural horror; she has a wicked sense of humour, explores surreal situations with panache and tackles some tough uncompromising areas of everyday horror." -Tony Jones