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"Both of them possess twisted, truly disturbing, imaginations"

ScreamFix, America's number one horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fansite, asked Rebecca and her writing partner, Michael Aloisi, for the story BEHIND the story of Pieces. Here's what they said:

"You can’t worry about what people will think of you when they read it."

Scotland's premier horror website, Ginger Nuts of Horror, asked Rebecca and her writing partner, Michael Aloisi, for their thoughts on the dark fiction genre. Here's what transpired:

Pieces front book cover

Released September 13, 2019

Pieces, written with Michael Aloisi

Thirty boxes. Thirty body parts.

Eighteen turned in to authorities.

A forensic technician from a quiet Massachusetts suburb does the unthinkable: stalks a local woman, abducts her, divides her body into thirty pieces, and mails the sections to random Americans across the country. Each white postal box that Dennis Sweeney prepares contains an ambiguous note and a piece of Julie Piedmont. Most of Sweeney’s intended recipients contact the authorities about their gruesome packages, but twelve of the parcels go unreported. Pieces, the genre-bending hybrid of crime thriller infused with a short-story vibe, takes a closer look at the body parts that were never recovered and the possible reasons why their recipients never told anyone about their grotesque discoveries. Weaving the accounts together is Dennis’ story as well as Jackson Matthews’, the reporter to whom Dennis chooses to document his sick game. 

"Engaging and unique...stand[s] apart from the other killer stories" -HellNotes

"I enjoyed this one...Pieces was a page-turner that didn’t disappoint" -Horror Bound

"I would recommend this book for any fan of horror or psychological thrillers" 


"A ‘Silence of the Lambs meets Seven’ mash-up" -Kendall Reviews

"The best feature of the book are the diabolically varied missing pieces stories...Pieces has a clever premise, innovative format, [and] writing that will keep you engaged" 


"This went way beyond the lines of decency!" -Ronald Turner, Amazon customer*

*please note: Ronald needed his fainting couch after three chapters.

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“What Rowland does best is get into the minds of the characters who border on insanity…she shows the reader that the mind and humans are truly the scariest thing in the world” 

                      –Horror After Dark

"Writer/editor Rebecca Rowland proves herself a wily curator of the macabre"

                     -Shawn Macomber, Rue Morgue

"Rebecca Rowland’s 'Bent' wins the Most Cringe-worthy Story honor with her twisted tale of extreme body horror. Her well-drawn characters seem to come off the page but God forbid they do."

                      -Randy Chandler, The Year's Best Hardcore Horror

"[Rebecca Rowland] should be applauded for producing such a solid and wide-ranging collection which bravely avoids supernatural horror; she has a wicked sense of humour, explores surreal situations with panache and tackles some tough uncompromising areas of everyday horror" 

                         -Tony Jones, HorrorDNA

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February is Women in Horror Month!

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"The Ones You Don't Bring Home to Mama,"

and featured Rebecca Rowland and her story "Boundaries" on February 7!

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