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About Rebecca

Rebecca Rowland grew up in Western Massachusetts (USA) but spent most of her adult life in the Boston area. She travels often and every [real] location she includes in her stories is a place she’s lived or visited: the rusting black Volkswagen belonging to her serial killer’s disarticulated victim in Pieces was the car she drove until recently, and the house where Dennis Sweeney resides is where she currently makes her home. 

An active member of HWA, NEHW, and ALA, she accrued graduate degrees in English, Education, and Information Science as well as an obnoxious amount of student loan debt and thus, pays The Man as ghostwriter and librarian but vacations as a transgressive dark fiction author and editor. Despite her love of the ocean and unwavering distaste for cold temperatures, she resides in a landlocked and often icy corner of New England.

A firm believer in we reap what we sow and what goes around, comes around, she tries always to treat the gifted writers in her anthologies with the respect and honor they deserve. Her narrative models are Chuck Palahniuk, Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Perrotta, and A.M. Homes.